Modification Suggestions

These where just some ideas I had sitting in my head, and figured why not let everyone see them and see if they are even worth looking further into. Please don't flame me on the ideas, as I was just trying to find ways to better the network. I know defiantly for the card itself, it is its own perfection. I really had my mind spinning around the first 2 ideas since I first heard and started to learn more about Bitcoincard.

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  • USB w/ Pre-Installed Blockchain & Updater
    • This is to make it as simple as possible for normal users. Let them just plug in the USB with an active connection and it will auto-launch the update that will automatically search for Bitcoincard devices to sync the network to.
    • The USB device would net at least 4-8GB for potential upgrades to the Bitcoin Network and expansion of the transaction list.

  • 3G/WiFi Pre-Enabled w/ Pre-Installed Blockchain & Updater
    • All the features of the first option, but with the ability to configure a 3G option, or log into the nearest WiFi hotspot to grab the latest chain.
    • Bascially this will be a portable computer (yeah, I get the irony of this) that will have a simple command to connect to the Bitcoin Network and grab the latest blocks (an LED on the Dongle with blink whilst this is downloading). Once finished, an LED on the Dongle will be solid green to let everyone around them that the Dongle/Node/Server is ready to be connected to.
      • If the device goes this far, why not add a small LCD to display how many users are locally connected? It would be interesting to see statistics.

    • Possible side-effects would be having to have a battery just for the server (which may not be a problem, depending on how much power it takes up). If the blockchain is up-to-date, then there won't be an issue with keeping the latest blocks, thus most likely not taking too much of a power hit.

  • Mobile Mod? (iPhone App, Android App...etc)
    • The ability to plug in an adapter to your phone (or use 3G and WiFi-Sharing from the mobile device) to update the Dongle (Server) to the latest blockchain.
    • The app for this mod will only be to update the integrity or the latest version of the blockchain, dependant that it's less than XMb's of space for data-transfer issues.
      • I say 3G to make the Bitcoincard be more diverse more updating within the outer-network (Bitcoin Network) of the Ad-Hoc central.

  • WiFi/3G/Bluetooth? [Mobile Mod] -Horrible Idea, idea-
    • Not sure how bulky this would be, but would it be possible to add an option to allow one of all of these features to the Bitcoincard? My main suggestion is for the WiFi. This would allow users to be able to sync up to the Ad-Hoc network over a WiFi connection. Though, at minimum of 2 users would have to be connected and the data connections might get loaded down with too many people connected to the single phone connection. Actually, this might be a bad idea.