Sample Transaction

Below is a summary of bitcoin wallets and transactions shown in the video.

Participants (wallets):
  phone: 1252sHDMTuQNa6hjzLYqijaPmmgn6x6AgD
  card OWL: 1K5XZhjCwbLYHwys86FvepaHt6tFiWb35T
  card POOH: 1Q4VVTsx6vgYth7iD9WnAgHvAj239PMaoL
  laptop RABBIT: 19MN9uj6HWNKYdeKhTkA4BbAyMCpgZPN9

  Phone -> OWL: 0.002 + 0.0005 fee:
  OWL -> POOH: 0.001 + 0.0005 fee:
  POOH -> RABBIT: 0.0005 + 0.0005 fee:

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07/03/2012 18:40:24
Would is be possible to buy or test this project? I know there was already a demo/workshop, but I was wondering if maybe there might be another one soon?
07/04/2012 02:42:40
yes it will be possible to test the Bitcoincard in real life - if you are in New York or Vienna. The tests will start in early 2013.
Another workshop is not scheduled yet, but will take place till the end of this year. Pls let us know why you are interested.
07/04/2012 11:40:44
I think it would be better if I made it to the one in NY.
I'm interested because I know how important this device is to the future of money in general, not just for Bitcoins to grow. I'd like to get maybe 2 or 3 to do product demos, and get the interest built up in not only my city, but my state!

If I can get enough people interested (which will only take 2-3 devices for me and my brother to demo them out), we can bulk order them and be able to also sell them Bitcoins so they can start using them.

I have a few more ideas about the actual "server" part of the node network that may be interesting, and is highly plausible. It wouldn't cost but an extra ~$20 per server, but might be able to be used as an addon. It would be portable version of the blockchain that will sync with any network connection, but it will sync to the USB-HUB (Bitcoincard "server"). I think 4Gb sticks would be perfect to do some test-runs.

Another idea I had would be to setup an iPhone or Android application that would be able to expand the network/distance between nodes. Although, I think that would mean having to add WiFi compatible hardware to the Bitcoincard.

If you have time, I would love to discuss further on some ideas I have. If you are part of this project (which by your response, I believe you are), then you should have my email.
07/10/2012 18:31:11
It would be much more technologically feasible to add an ISM radio to a cell phone than to add a WiFi radio to a Bitcoincard. WiFi eats way too much power. Newer cell phones with Near-Field Communications features have a built-in ISM radio, so maybe that could be programmed to relay Bitcoincard communications; I'm not sure if the frequencies are the same or if the transmit power is great enough.
07/11/2012 07:44:41
The Bitcoin card works in 868 MHz in Europe and 915 MHz band in the US, while the NFC standard prescribes 13.56 MHz. Unfortunately, the current version of the card can not use this frequency. The maximum transmission power allowed at the NFC frequency limits the communication range to 20 cm (this is why it's NFC, after all).

The new generation of the Card could have contact pads like a smart card according to ISO/IEC 7810 and 7816 standards. In this case, it would be possible to connect the Card to a smartphone or a PC using an off-the-shelf smart card reader. The latter is typically connected to the host via the USB interface. Thus, the card could get updates from the smartphone/PC. Also, the card gets power over the same interface, so it could be much more active in the ad-hoc network while connected (relay more messages from other cards, broadcast updates, etc.).
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